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Italians and sex: Why are Italians more sexual?

When it comes to sex and how people do it, everyone is different. While the sex acts themselves may be somewhat similar, there are certain aspects which separate us. What may be considered normal or acceptable sexually in some countries, is frowned upon in others. There are also differences based on a person’s ethnicity. It is why you have those who believe that Italians are more sexual than individuals from other countries. But why exactly is that and what is it that makes Italians more sexual?


In truth, the people of Italy or Italian descent speak and think of sex differently than others. Of course, much of this change has been taking place the last few decades. In the past, the way Italians thought, viewed and experienced sex, was dissimilar. Back then for many in Italy, the topic of sex was often viewed as taboo. Hard to imagine this since the Romans were so open about their sexuality. Yet some speculate that the influence of the Catholic Church in Italian culture played a huge role. At least when it came to Italians and how they spoke, felt and acted out about sex publicly. At the same time, no one really knew or knows what people did behind closed doors in their bedroom.

Fast forward to today and things have changed. The fire and sexual appetite of Italians is more visible than ever. Does this mean that they are more sexual now than in the past? Some speculate that Italians always were like this. The difference now is that many of them are not being shy about their sexuality. For instance, one can look at Italian porn to see how they perform sexually. People from other countries are now able to see how Italians engage in sex. Additionally, any fetishes or fantasies they have can also be viewed and inspected upon further.

The same can be said of the French or other ethnicities in Europe. There are many French sex videos which bring to light how the people of that country have sex. It also shines a light on their particular sexual preferences. For the people of Italy, sex is natural and great thing. The days of keeping their romps in the bedroom private appear to be gone. Perhaps that is why so many are noticing the sexual fire Italians have. Nonetheless, some statistics and studies are proving otherwise.

Recent data collected has shown a decrease in the number of times Italians are having sex. This number is higher for those Italians who fall into the 35 to 40 years of age bracket. Only 27% of couples in that age bracket admit to having sex more than once a week. Even the number of condoms used has dropped by six percent among the people of Italy.

None of these stats have an effect on the sexual fire of Italians though. Nor does it have it on people of any other country for that matter. Daily problems, pressure and worries are the likely culprit. This is something going on in all parts of the world. But if you ask any Italian about it, chances are they will tell you how much they love sex.

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