Italy is a great tourist destination but unfortunately, there are some hidden places that are yet to be fully utilized as most people are not aware that they exist. Here are the top 5 hidden places that you must visit whenever you travel to Italy:


Calabria is in the southern end of Italy and remains unknown by most overseas visitors. The town has attractive cliffs and wonderful beaches that will give that awesome feeling as you take a walk. The locals know how awesome this place is as it provides them with a great space to enjoy some quiet moments away from their daily activities.

Sicily’s Aeolian Island

This is a group of islands that are located not very far from Calabria. Though much is talked about the islands, there is one island called Salina among them that is the quietest and the greenest. Only a few travelers visit this island which makes it a great place to visit whenever you are traveling in Italy.


This is a Greek archaeological site that is home to Acropolis, Hera, and Agora temples which are an amazing sight to behold. The city has been abandoned for more than 2000 years. If you love historical sites, this is the place to go where you not be bothered by any traffic or multitudes of people.

Santos Stefano di Sassanio

The small town is in  Abruzzo and until recently, it had been abandoned after the decline of the wool trade. In 2004, Daniel Kihlgren purchased a few dilapidated properties and turned them into a spread-out hotel that he named Sextantio and this changed the fate of the village as more people began to grow an interest in the town. More people have also purchased dilapidated and transformed them weekend homes.


If you love hiking as you enjoy some fresh air, this is the place to be. Dolomite Mountains is a part of the attractive features that has been named as a world heritage by Unesco. Taking a walk has never been this lovely!